Who we are

Fun, talented, humble, that's how our clients describe us. It's our job to be passionate, agile, & easy to work with, that formula is what drives our clients' success. We help our clients unleash their brands potential. We challenge you to think BIG, with our creative process you're part of the process because you know your brand better than anyone else.

So how does this small Advertising agency compare itself to the gods of advertising? Well when you get right down to it they all started out as two guys (hence most of the names of big companies) and a stolen client list from their previous employer, Well we didn't steal any clieints from our former employer, nope we don't even show work that was done somewhere else and say it's ours this was a start-from-scratch, do-it-the-hard-way from the beginning, why? because we have a different vision. Unique Advertising Solutions is here to help our clients stay ahead of the competition, not abreast of it. We actually study market places, people, traffic patterns, & habits. We build a meaningful campaign that represents your brand. this creates a experience that's bigger than just advertising.

We believe the role of advertising campaigns has changed significantly over the past few decades. We're no longer in the business of selling, We're in the business of problem solving.

Mobile Billboards
Our mobile billboards are able to impact like TV once could, have the audience of a broadcasting radio, the target approach of direct mail, The quality imaging of a magazine, but it also has the unblockable Pop-Up unlike the internet. 

Our billboards have only the best printed graphics and feature bright LED lights for night time view, plus a HD mounted camera for live feed of where we advertise for you.
We at UAS cover a broad spectrum of high volume areas and popular tourist sites, such as santa monica & Venice beach which alone recieve over 10 million visitors each year!

Nothing gives a wow factor like drones do, we intergrate this technology into our everyday use in many different ways such as filming, and capturing photos. BUT now we also use this technogloy and a fleat of highly trained professionals to advertise for you. with our custom built brackets we are now able to intergrate our drones to carry specialezed posters with your brands image or messege.

Our team members are only highly trained professionals that specialize in drones and drone safety. our custom drone sets have been tested with the ut-most safety in mind for our customers and consumers.